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Delta is built different.

Public adjusters have a bad reputation among contractors, and for good reason. The majority of public adjusters over-promise and under deliver. Greed, ego, and flat out laziness has become the status quo for PAs. From not answering your phone calls, to repetitive updates, and lame excuses, the public adjusting industry rightfully deserves the negative stereotypes. 

Delta Public Adjusting is a family-owned firm dedicated to breaking the mold. We pride ourselves in being everything those other guys are not. Our company is built on three guiding principles: Integrity, Customer Experience, and Tenacity. We will never compromise on these guiding principles. 

Where other PAs say yes to any and all claims that come in, we are selective with the contractors we work with and the claims we accept. Our business model ensures our caseload stays manageable so we can maintain our high standard of quality customer experience and fast turnaround. Contractors who work with us trust us not just with their claims, but their brand and reputation. We take this trust very seriously. Can you say the same about the other PAs you've worked with?

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our services

adjusters meeting

We schedule inspections and meet with the insurance adjusters or engineers on site.

filing the claim

Once the LOR is signed, we will file the claim on the Insured's behalf and explain the loss details to the carrier.

claim negotiation

We negotiate with the carrier to maximize the claim settlement based on the damage.

repair test and snags

We investigate repairability and collect shingle samples when required for the claim.

payment authorization

Our office receives and processes all insurance payments, getting you paid faster. 

argue policy

Our PAs are licensed by the state to argue policy and represent the Insured's best interests.

policy review

Our PAs will review the policy to confirm depreciation, deductibles, and code coverage.

client communication

We stay in constant communication with the Insured regarding their claims status.

contractor communication

We will provide you with reliable and constant updates for all of your claims.

the delta differencE

We believe in fair pay for everyone. Other PAs take their entire fee off the first check, often leaving you with very little capital to fund the build. Our phased fee policy equally distributes our fee off of the ACV, depreciation, and supplements, allowing you more funds throughout the claims process. 

Our repair forgiveness policy ensures we work hard to get you the best results. If we are unable to increase your repair claim by at least 20%, we will only take a fee from the increase in scope. Other PAs take their fee off of the total RCV, regardless of how little they increase the scope of a repair. 

We work on a contingency basis. If there is no insurance payout, there is no PA fee. Our fee is taken directly from insurance payments.
No more large lump sum fees on the first check. Our fees are assessed from each insurance check, providing you with more funds up front. 
If we are unable to increase a repair or denial by at least 20%, our fee is collected from the increased scope only instead of the total RCV.

join us

Our family-owned firm is dedicated to giving you and your clients the best customer experience possible. We will never compromise our founding principles for any reason or anyone which ensures our team of experts can give you and your clients 100%, every time. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Mike & Alex
Managing Partners